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About the Encounter

We are in the midst of an unprecedented season in the purposes of God, the movement into InGathering and Sanctuary. This season has been characterized by a new requirement for us to walk on a new platform of Faith functioning in the Miraculous and Illogical dimension. A key requirement for this season is the imperative that all of our families and individuals build strong platforms of personal spirituality upon which God will pivot as we move towards the Finish of His purpose. 

In this movement, God is declaring that our young people are significant. They must take their place and stand in personal maturity with the rest of the Congress in this season. 

The CYE is designed to accelerate the process of transformation and maturity in our young people. Young people from around the world will be attending Encounters in their region. It will be a beautiful blend of spiritual activation, the establishing of new life-long Kingdom advancing friendships and the building up of our young people in readiness to take their place as a core people group as we have moved beyond the GGPE.

We are highly expectant that this will be a significant encounter with the Lord for our young people. Our hearts are full of faith as we look forward to what God will accomplish in them.

" Our young people should prove themselves to be the WARRIORS OF PURITY AND RIGHTEOUSNESS AMONG THEIR PEERS. "   - Dr. Woodroffe

Teaching Team

The Encounter content will be delivered by Oronde Smith and Osafo Fraser from Elijah Centre Nexus, Trinidad.

Oronde  Smith

Oronde Smith is Sector leader in the GIS and an Authorized Congress Prophet. A Director within the Education & Human Development (EHD) sector, he works closely with the Global Director in the strategic development of Congress teaching initiatives and global delivery systems. He carries primary responsibility for the development of the C-WBN Development Institute (CDI) – the global division tasked with delivery of all C-WBN training & development program and is also a member of the Core Business Leaders (CBL) within Congress Corporate.

Oronde has been a member of Elijah Centre since 2004, serving within Hebron, and he is married to Natasha. They have two children: Rosh, who is nine years old, and Sophia who is five. 

Osafo  Fraser

Osafo Fraser is a Director in the Education and Human Development (EHD) Sector where he functions as the Program Coordinator of the BSM Program – a comprehensive course of study in Reformation doctrine – at the Core Centre in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T). He is also the chapter coordinator of the local BSM Alumni, the body of graduates of the BSM Program.

Osafo is a faithful member of Elijah Centre since 2001, and he also serves within Hebron and Hebron GPS, for males aged between 16-21. Osafo is married to Cherese, and they have three children: Josiah who is eleven, Jael who is nine, and Jeunice who is six.

A Brief History of the Youth Encounter

  • 2001

    The seed

    The youth encounters began in the eastern Caribbean in 2001, when regional Coordinator, wingrove spencer, began rebuilding the youth department of Precision Centre, his Kingdom Community. this culminated in a youth retreat in December 2005 that was pivotal and initiated a process that became the seed for a much larger initiative in god - “the youth encounter”.

  • 2006

    First Youth Encounter held in St. Kitts

    The first encounter took place in st. Kitts in 2006. this had a significant impact on many of the uncommitted youth and over the years has seen deep impact and transformation in the lives of the young people. It has become a major tool in the hand of god to produce correct identity in the young people.

  • 2006

    Named the Eastern Caribbean Youth Encounter

    The structure of the encounter has been very deliberate; the desire was for a place where the youths would encounter god. god has truly honoured that desire and has met the young people every time!

  • 2011

    Jamaica Youth Encounter

    Jamaica Youth Encounter is established as a distinct youth encounter.

  • 2016

    Renamed Congress Youth Encounter

    Today, the Youth Encounter is expanding to territories around the world, including Europe, and has been renamed as the Congress Youth Encounter to reflect the evolving shapes of this powerful initiative of God towards the young people of the Congress.

Schedule of 2017 Encounters

April 14th - 16th

Suva, Fiji

Fiji Youth Camp

April 21st - 23rd

Quarryville, USA

North America East Coast

June 30th - July 2nd

Eagle Rock, USA

North America Central

July 24th - 28th

Emmetten, Switzerland


August 3rd - 10th

Portland, Jamaica

Northern Caribbean

August 18th - 20th

Location TBA

Latin America

Therefore, every saint in the Congress should be marching forward with a deep sense of responsibility for our corporate movement.
Each life is important.
Each decision made is important.

Dr. Woodroffe